Asset Management

We manage other people's money as if it were our own.

Our goal is to offer you qualified asset management where you not only understand what you are investing in, but also why.

We offer broad and competent financial advice to private individuals, companies, and institutions. We always start from an overall view where the customer’s specific assumptions, needs, priorities and goals set the conditions.

We manage capital, but also trust. Our advice is based on a broad and detailed analysis of the financial market and decisive factors in the market. We strive every day to achieve maximum accuracy in our investment advice.

We always guarantee openness and clarity throughout our consultancy business. An ongoing dialogue is conducted with the customer – to achieve increased commitment and participation. We strive to make the customer feel safe, understand, and be satisfied with the work we do.


Pensum offers management and advice on both listed and unlisted securities, either via custody solutions or via insurance solutions.

Through our licenses, we help you with, among other things, the trading of shares and interest-bearing instruments – either directly over the stock exchange or in the form of fund solutions.

We work with a large number of alternative investment products. We also have extensive knowledge and experience from alternative investments in property, private equity, infrastructure, shipping and more. We carry out continuous analyzes of various structures through which our customers are invested, we can also carry out in-depth analyzes based on the customer’s own needs and wishes.


Our advice is based on analyzes from selected partners in various specialist areas and asset classes.

Our core focus

Even though Pensum Asset Management is a niche player, we have a strong focus on being far ahead in analysis. We collaborate with independent providers of analysis and research when developing recommendations and market views. Feel free to ask our advisors about our collaboration with BCA Research on macro analysis and Morningstar on fund analysis. Within individual shares and bonds, we have good analysis coverage of Norwegian and Swedish securities. Regardless of whether you choose the investment advisory service or discretionary asset management, you can be sure that we will invest your funds in line with Pensum’s market view, based on thorough analyses.

Technological solutions

Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, we choose from a large selection of funds from leading managers worldwide. We provide cost-effective access to investments in currency, commodities, ETFs, etc., including the option to position the portfolio for market decline.

You can follow the development of your investments daily via the logged-in area on our website. Our customers also receive a thorough analysis of their portfolio with a focus on risk, co-variation between the securities in the portfolio, etc.

Professionalism – non-independent investment advice

It goes without saying that you get the best solutions we can offer, with regards to price, products, tax-optimal solutions, and follow-up. Pensum defines itself as a non-independent investment adviser, which means that we can give advice on both our own and other products.
If Pensum receives return commissions on management fees, these are paid back to our customers so that you can be sure that we are neutral in our advice.
We seek to reduce costs in the portfolio by using index funds and exchange-traded funds where we consider this most suitable, and active funds where the managers can demonstrate concrete added value.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Future returns will depend, among other things, on market developments, the skill of the managers, the funds’ risk, and management costs. The return may become negative because of a loss in exchange rates. Compare our prices with other companies at

More about asset management

Investment advice

Being neutral through the work with investment advice is a prerequisite for the customer to be able to feel trust in the work we carry out. We are completely free to always recommend the customer an investment that suits the customer best. Regardless of who is the supplier.

Discretionary asset management

For customers who do not want to be involved in the ongoing investment decisions, we offer discretionary asset management. This means that you, as a customer, entrust the management decision to us.

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