Business Services

Pensum Business Services AS is an authorized accounting office co-located with Pensum Group AS, Pensum Asset Management AS and Pensum Forsikringsmegling AS.

The company was founded in 2020 and currently consists of 2 employees who are both authorized accountants with many years of experience in accounting. The general manager has a background of several years within auditing.

Pensum Business Services AS is a member of Regnskap Norge, which is the professional and industry association for authorized accountants in Norway.

Pensum Business Services AS offers services such as:

  • Accounting
    We use Power Office GO as an accounting system
    – Document management
    – Reconciliation of the accounts
    – Ongoing reporting and follow-up of customer and supplier ledgers
    – Remittance
  • Salary
    We use Visma Salary as a salary system
    – Salary settlement
    – Bank lists/salary remittance
    – A notices
    – Sick notices
    – Annual reconciliation
    – Various grounds that follow from salaries such as OTP
  • Year-end closing
    We use Maestro as the year-end closing system
    – Closing the accounts
    – Preparation and submission of settlement papers
    – Preparation and submission of annual accounts with notes and annual report
    – Preparation and submission of the shareholder register statement
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