Discretionary asset management

Discretionary asset management – freedom under responsibility

For customers who do not want to be involved in the ongoing investment decisions, we offer discretionary asset management. This means that you, as a customer, entrust the management decision to us. The manager is authorized to carry out re-allocations on an ongoing basis within the framework that has been agreed with the customer, based on, for example, market risk, liquidity, volatility, and expectations of return. The advantage of discretionary asset management is that you do not need to be active yourself but instead have a manager with full focus on your investments and who ensures that you are sensibly positioned at all times.

Discretionary asset management entails an extra big responsibility for us. We make important financial decisions on behalf of our customers and depend on managing that trust in a solid way. We therefore have a particular focus on our discretionary asset management and always strive to do the best possible job.

We offer solutions adapted to the individual customer, with the following placement options:

Pensum Global fund portfolios

  • Equity funds
  • Interest funds
  • Combination of shares and interest, dynamically managed

Pensum Global Absolute return

  • Hedge funds, Private loans, other funds with a focus on absolute return
  • Low co-variation with other asset classes

Pensum Equity portfolios

  • Norwegian equities
  • Energy
  • Equity certificates
  • Seafood
  • Nordic equities
  • European equities

Pensum Bonds

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