Investment advice

The customer always first!

The consultative advice means that our managers propose changes to the portfolio. The customer then decides whether the change should be carried out or not.

Being neutral through the work with investment advice is a prerequisite for the customer to be able to feel trust in the work we carry out. We are completely free to always recommend the customer an investment that suits the customer best. Regardless of who is the supplier. 

As an independent player in the financial market, we use analyzes on individual shares, bonds and funds from the best management environments in the Nordics and internationally.

In today’s market, most customers only pay product fees. The advisor normally receives his income through commissions from the product suppliers. We see such a methodology as a danger that this promotes services and products that give the highest commissions.

For you who invest, this is particularly negative based on 2 factors. In part, this limits the selection to only products with high return commissions, as well as the fact that the high fees absorb the return you should have as a customer.

Pensum receives payment directly from our customers and largely uses institutional class products, which have low fees and no return commission to the advisor. Through this, we believe that our interests are aligned with the overall interests of our customers.

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