Lawyers’ insurance

Lawyers’ insurance

Legal insurance gives your company or organization quick access to specialized legal assistance. It can meet a need for companies or organizations that do not have a legal department or a permanent lawyer connection. The insurance can also be beneficial for those who have a legal department, but want access to a larger selection of lawyers, or reduce the costs of external legal assistance.

A lawyer’s insurance costs as little as a couple of lawyer’s hours annually. Lawyers’ insurance can be used for general advice, to prevent disputes, or if the company becomes part of a dispute. Entering into and interpreting agreements will always be part of running some form of business. As a result, there will always be a need for legal assistance if the agreement does not go as planned. With lawyers’ insurance, you can free up time and resources, and use the time on your core business.

What do you get covered through lawyer insurance?

  • Access to legal advice in selected areas that affect most companies and organizations
  • Legal assistance in disputes
  • No financial risk in the event of a lawsuit

Lawyers’ insurance helps to secure everyday life and operations.

Pensum Forsikringsmegling can help you find legal insurance for your company, industry, or organization. Get in touch for a non-binding conversation.

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