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Pensum Asset Management AS is under the supervision of the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority and has a license for cross-border operations in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Germany and Austria.

Investment services, vphl. § 2-1 (1)

  • No. 1: Receipt and transmission of orders on behalf of the customer in connection with one or more financial instruments as defined in § 2-2
  • No. 2: Execution of orders on behalf of the customer
  • No. 4: Active management of the investor’s portfolio of financial instruments on an individual basis and according to the investor’s authorization
  • No. 5: Investment advice as defined in section 2-4 first paragraph
  • No. 6: Placement of financial instruments where the company does not issue a full subscription guarantee

Related services, vphl. § 2-6 (1)

  • No. 1: Storage and management of financial instruments
  • No. 3: Advice with regards to companies’ capital structure, industrial strategy and related issues, as well as advice and services in connection with mergers and acquisitions of companies
  • No. 4: Services in connection with foreign exchange operations when this occurs in connection with the performance of investment services as defined in the first paragraph
  • No 5: Preparation and dissemination of investment recommendations, financial analyzes and other forms of general recommendations regarding transactions in financial instruments

Trustee (nominee) in Norwegian owner registers
The license gives permission for the following:

  • Shares in Norwegian investment funds, the Investment Fund Regulations § 13-2, cf. the Investment Funds Act § 4-10, and the Securities Register Act § 6-3

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Pensum Forsikringsmegling AS

  • Insurance brokerage company

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