Insurance brokerage

There are many good insurance policies. It’s just a matter of finding the best ones.

Being able to match each individual customer’s future needs for financial protection with the right insurance policies regarding price, other conditions and active follow-up is what insurance brokerage is really all about.

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Damage insurances

Pensum conveys all types of non-life insurance to the Norwegian business market. We analyze and identify your company’s risks and responsibilities. By risk we mean physical risk, such as fire, water, or burglary. By responsibility, we mean legal risk where we help to define claims that can be directed at your business.'

Personnel insurances

Pensum has many years of experience in advising on, as well as putting together insurance solutions for employees in a business. Together with the company’s management, who set the framework for the insurance solution, Pensum prepares an insurance solution that will, to the greatest extent possible, contribute to financial security for the employees and their families, should something unforeseen happen.'

Service pension

All companies must have a pension scheme for their employees, it is required by law. However, many companies want to have pension schemes beyond what is legally required, and then there are several factors to think about following the changes in the regulations for occupational pensions in recent years. This particularly applies to the regulations relating to the Personal Pension Account and Disability Pensions.'

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